Resources & Guides

Selling an apartment in Manhattan is easy with the help of our firm. Urban Sanctuary is dedicated to selling your property. Whether it’s a co-op, condo, or brownstone we will make your property available to as many buyers as possible. New York City is a seller’s market, and Urban Sanctuary will ensure you get the best price for your property.

Below we have provided a basic guide to selling an apartment in Manhattan.

  • What sense does the outside of your building give off? What can you do that better it? One easy way to increase the appeal of your apartment is by making sure all trash is in its proper place, and that the entrance to your building in spic and span.
  • Is the apartment easy to find? Make sure the door is clearly marked and that your apartment number is easy to find.
  • Is the door in clean working order? First impressions are essential. A squeaky or dirty door can turn off potential buyers.
  • What are the less desirable features? Is your street noisy? Are your bedrooms on the smaller size? Remember that many of these less desirable features are any easy fix.
  • What might need repairs? (nail holes, loose doors and windows, discolored caulk)
  • Does the apartment feel warm, and appealing? Can furniture be rearranged to give a more inviting feel? Allow the potential buyers to see themselves in the home. If you have wall-to-wall photos of family and friends, you may want to put a few away so the buyer can picture how they would decorate.
  • Touch up any walls with scuffs or marks. Touch up paint makes the world of difference and older apartments look 100% better after a paint job.
  • Clean and test all light fixtures. Lighting is a crucial element in any apartment. If you don’t have a lot of overhead light, be sure to have lamps to create a homey glow.
  • Make sure all glass surfaces are clean and smudge free. Windows and mirrors make apartments feel big and airy.
  • Are the floors clean?
  • Check and recheck the bathrooms. Bathrooms are a key selling point. Dirty bathrooms can turn potential buyers off immediately. Be sure to clean the tub, and sink.
  • Are all appliances working, and leak free?
  • Is there anything you want to do to add to your home? Candles, calming music, and flowers all add to a sense of serenity.
  • Decide what are the best features of your apartment. Does your apartment have lots of light and incredible views? Are you close to the transportation?

By following these helpful tips you will allow Urban Sanctuary to greatly improve the chances of selling an apartment in Manhattan.