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Whether buying or selling a home for primary residence or an investment property, consider it a giant step. Urban Sanctuary is committed to serving you with our team of dedicated professionals.
Buyer’s Services
Buying in the city requires a great depth of knowledge. Here at Urban Sanctuary, we share our expertise with our clients. We pursue properties with amazing values while keeping your best interest at heart. Our team of agents is trained to negotiate. They do more than show you a property; they fully research before showing and making offers, as some properties listed are way above their market value. Making an educated decision is key, and Urban Sanctuary makes it easy.
As a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, we continuously generate our own listings as well as our competitors’. As a boutique firm, Urban Sanctuary operates on a larger scale with its state-of-the-art resources and its access to thousands of listings throughout New York.
Seller’s Services
When representing a seller, Urban Sanctuary ensures the owner’s property is presented effectively for sale. It is our job to provide the right exposure and maximize the traffic of potential buyers. Our goal is to sell your property for the best possible price at a financial gain to you. Proper research is conducted to keep you in range with competition, making sure you are not undervaluing nor overpricing your property out of the market. The set price on your home can be the difference between a long-term and short-term process when it comes to selling. 
Properties are advertised by Urban Sanctuary in local and major newspapers, along with the internet and other outlets. Because our company is a co-operating member of REBNY, we achieve maximum exposure for our listings, as our inventories are shared with our competitors. The publicity provides us with feedback and market comparables.
Urban Sanctuary defends the value of your property and stays committed to delivering an unsurpassed experience to its customers in addition to financial results.
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