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Prospective Tenant Services
Renting in NYC can sometimes prove to be a headache. Our real estate experts will share their knowledge of the market with you, as this will help in making a final and secure decision when renting. Provided with thousands of listings throughout the city, our goal is not to push but to gain your trust for current and future business. Urban Sanctuary is committed to finding you the perfect home fitting your budget and lifestyle.
Landlord Services
In New York City’s aggressive real estate market, the only way to thrive is to be a step ahead of your competitors. Urban Sanctuary is equipped with state-of-the-art resources for which its employees use to their advantage when marketing. By advertising in major and local newspapers, along with the internet and other outlets, we are dedicated to achieving maximum exposure for our listings. Our young professionals are internet savvy with proven and reliable marketing strategies.
As a co-operating member of REBNY, Urban Sanctuary also shares its listings with its competition; this guarantees maximum exposure and provides the company with feedback and market comparables.
Urban Sanctuary’s agents are on call 24 hours a day. Our brokerage completes a thorough tenant qualification process with same day approvals, if necessary. We are committed to delivering an unsurpassed experience to our customers with consistent financial results.
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Craigslist.org                           Nytimes.com                              Backpage.com
Nydailynews.com                    Listingmania.com                      Olr.com
Citycribs.com                          Realtor.com                               Newsday.com
Yahoo.com                              Google.com                               Observer.com
Streeteasy.com                        Trulia.com                                 Cityrealty.com
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