Moving Up In Lower Manhattan

Publication: Mann Report Residential
Date: Monday, March 2

Moving Up In Lower Manhattan


Elie Pariente “New York is extremely diverse and it helps to know where people are coming from.” Urban Sanctuary


Elie Pariente is young, attractive, and very good at what he does.  At only 24 years old.  Pariente has made a name for himself in the three years since diving head first into the hyper-competitive world of the New York Real Estate market.  During his first year with Urban Sanctuary, Pariente sold nearly forty million dollars of real estate.  At the end of those first twelve months, he was nominated for the REBNY Rookie Of The Year award.  Since his arrival on the scene, he’s worked in every facet of the business, working with sales properties, rental properties, and having a hand in every step of the conversion of a number of high-end Downtown condo conversions.  It’s been a whirlwind tour, but he now finds himself as partner and Head of Sales of a Manhattan based agency, overseeing a staff of twenty agents and securing exclusives on properties up and down the island.


And while Pariente’s impressive sales record sets him apart from his peers, it’s his unique cultural background that he feels puts him ahead of the pack.  “I CAME TO New York from France, and I think that background has allowed me to adapt to every type of client,” he said.  He has learned that his diverse background can be a big help in a city like New York.  “Growing up, I learned Hebrew, French, and English—and it’s that wide-variety of cultural influences that have shaped who I am as a broker.  New York is extremely diverse and it helps to know where people are coming from.”


Perhaps equally important to Pariente’s quick success is his intense work ethic.  “Being as young as I am, it helps,” he said.  Pariente has developed a reputation with clients and coworkers for late nights in the office and making phone calls at all hours of the day.  He seems keenly aware of how big a draw his youthful exuberance is for clients and contractors.  “That’s definitely one of the reasons that people come to a guy my age.  It’s a lot easier for me to work eighteen or twenty hour days.  My clients know that if I need to, I’ll work around the clock to get their deal done.”


Since he joined the Urban Sanctuary, a midsize Manhattan firm, in 2006 he has climbed the ladder from agent to Executive Vice president to partner and head of sales.  Today, he manages two very busy, very well organized offices and is making plans to expand the company furthe5r.


“When I first arrived in New York, I was hired on as an agent at Urban Sanctuary,” said  Pariente.  “Isaac Krispin, the founder of the company, has really given  me a chance to try my hand at everything.  I still handle sales and rentals, but recently most of attention has been focused on a handful of  new high-end condo conversions in TribeCa.  Since Isaac and I decided on partnering, I’ve been working night and day to put together and maintain one of the best teams in the City.”


Urban Sanctuary handles properties across New York, but Pariente found his initial niche Downtown. Arguably the most successful agent working the area today, he’s left his mark by selling upwards of $120 million of property in the Financial District, TriBeCa, and SoHo.


Isaac Krispin couldn’t be happier to call Pariente his partner at Urban.  “Elie has a unique talent for helping clients to find exactly what they are looking for, as well as to market new properties better than anyone I’ve seen in New York,” he said.  “He came to Urban Sanctuary with an attitude and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, and he still works that way.  When someone has climbed to where [he has] before he hits his mid-twenties,  you know they’re doing something right.”