On Site Sales and Leasing

Exclusive consulting services

Urban Sanctuary’s professional team is known for its real estate expertise. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the trends on the real estate market we can provide precise advising that relate to the design and modern development of any project. Our advisory services include but are not limited to product planning and supervising of all aspects of the progress referring to the developer, the design experts and contractors and of course to you. Our team includes attorneys, architects, brokers, green specialists and other real estate professionals.

Other examples of our exclusive services are proposal of innovative leasing strategies, rent roll pricing, and development of extended sales market.Development of the sales and leasing strategies include floor plans and layouts, common area design, sales/leasing center, presentation program.

Permanent On-Site support

Urban Sanctuary has the leading team of experts in the industry, providing undivided attention to perspective renters/buyers along with land lord services, resulting in ultimate occupancy of new leas-up and maintaining current tenant population. We highly recommend the establishment of permanent on-site support, which would result into presenting the building to its best possible advantage.

Our experience has proved that the vast majority of potential buyers/renters prefer visiting and completing all applications in an easy accessible on site office. The office would not only cater to their needs as perspective clients, but would stand for the engagement of our company even after the application process is completed


Some existing properties experience unwanted vacancies but do not require an on-site office. Urban Sanctuary addresses this with post-marketing program tactics. Based on extensive research and consulting, our expert team develops the plan for your needs. We engage in close monitoring of prospects and implement proven sales practices.

Urban Sanctuary’s goal is to bring your property to ideal occupancy with strong income performance.


We invite you to share your needs with the Urban Sanctuary team and let us show how we can help you achieve your goals for your quality property.

Urban Sanctuary will take your business to the next level. If you want to maximize your profit and succeed in the high-demanding real estate market, we can help you achieve your ambitions. Our team of adept agents will develop a strategy to enhance the efficiency of the project regarding sales, marketing, and leasing schema.

We’re “Urban” because we know how to compete in the nation’s toughest real estate jungle and we’re “Sanctuary” because we understand the customer’s emotional relationship to their home and make the business process easy for them.

Urban Sanctuary’s first step for you - the developer - is to develop a customized strategy for your project. We will:

- Establishing of on site leasing office

Our hand-picked sales agents are the energetic, appealing and well-trained sales professionals you want representing your project. Promising customers gravitate to a sensitive sales staff and a convenient on-site office.

Our extensive experience have proven that the convenience of on-site office with extended working hours, including evenings and weekends, appeals to promising clientele.

- Around the clock access for brokers

Your customers are busy, successful people without much free time to look at real estate. Urban Sanctuary presents your property whenever necessary to accommodate them. Our caring pays off in good will and proven sales.

Services developed in order to accommodate all possibilities of showing an apartment to a perspective client. Brokers have the opportunity to present the available apartments 7 days a week 24 hours a day. A convenience to many clients with a busy schedule.


- Maximum Exposure to perspective Clients

With our extensive testing of ad vehicles and techniques, Urban Sanctuary knows which gain the strongest response. We use a combination of print, internet and multiple listing services for maximum exposure.

Advertise the listings in as many as 20 different websites including launching a banner ad online depending on the market target such as an ad on the New York Times real estate website.

- Relationship with other brokers and brokerage firms

Urban Sanctuary is welcoming and protecting any broker that is interesting in bringing a perspective client. We encourage all brokers to visit our listings and will give them authorized to advertise, help and support.

- Distribute updates

Multiple apartment listings (OLR, Rebny, Rent Direct, E-Listings). Make sure that every broker in Manhattan will be familiar with the listings on regular basic.
Urban Sanctuary cooperates with all licensed brokerage firm in Manhattan. We send e-listings to as many as 10,000 agents and in constant connection with their agencies. We keep track of agents who have shown interest in the property and contact them regularly via email, phone and fax. Because choosing a home is often a process, we stay in touch with direct customers as well, assisting them in making a final decision.

- Immediate response system

Urban Sanctuary does not take the risk of missing a potential customer’s call. We set up a phone system capable of managing a maximum of calls with immediate response. Our office number simultaneously rings up to five agents’ cell phones; even in the unlikely event that all five lines are busy, a text and voicemail are sent automatically to each phone.

- Expedited approval process

One of the best ways to maximize sales and keep inventory available is the same-day approval process. Unlike our competition who takes days to respond, we immediately process: credit report, landlord-tenant court check, social security number verification, sex offender background check, criminal background check, income and banking verification.

- Outreach to alternative market

Individuals certainly look for housing. But institutions have large demands for housing among their affiliates. Urban Sanctuary forms relationships with colleges, hospitals, banks and other institutions recommending housing to their affiliates. We see too many marketing reps that wait for customers to come to them; we reach out to customers.

Report to you

Urban Sanctuary is your feet on the street. We will provide you with coordinated feedback on the market, the performance of your property and give specific suggestions. Our job is to take you to the top level and help you achieve your ambitions. Call us for a meeting to discuss your needs and goals.