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Issac Krispin

Issac Krispin , President

Issac Krispin, the founder of Urban Sanctuary, has extensive experience in real estate augmented by a strong background in commercial and corporate law. Issac often draws upon his legal training in his daily work at Urban Sanctuary. Practicing law in a most demanding field conditioned him to handle critical business situations, and as a former corporate counsel, Issac always keeps the best interests of his firm’s clients in mind.
Issac Krispin has always been committed to providing his real estate clients with exceptional service. This requires a firm with first-rate resources, services, affiliations and – above all – people. His business model includes hiring the best professionals New York has to offer and working closely with them for sustained excellence. He personally supervises and mentors his selected staff and makes himself available at all times for creative problem-solving.
Issac credits these values to his early experience working closely with the CEO of a large public food concern in Israel. It was there he learned fundamental business skills, such as negotiating and decision-making, and gained the confidence to open his first company in England. Although it was daunting at first to have sole responsibility for the company’s performance, the venture proved very successful. Issac built on this foundation by emigrating to the US and creating his own start-up firm, Urban Sanctuary, which is now a recognized presence in New York real estate.
Urban Sanctuary is not the largest real estate firm in New York City. But it is a firm widely known for superb customer service, ethics, and stable steady growth. In the last two years, when real estate firms folded or were acquired by bigger concerns, Urban Sanctuary is actually expanding. Under Issac Krispin’s leadership, the company opened a new West Side office in Spring 2010 – just at a time when real estate was widely thought to be in recession.
This stability has enabled Urban Sanctuary to attract top agents and form life-long relationships with clients who rely on Urban Sanctuary for guidance in managing their largest and most important investment: real estate. Issac credits this success to his unique combination of academic, corporate and practical “street” experience, as well as his ability to seek out “the best and the brightest.”
A husband and father of three, Isaac and his family own homes in New Jersey and the Manhattan Financial District.